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Frequent questions

Select one of the below listed questions about sale, renting and the project. It is important to read about everything in detail in advance.

Frequent questions which we would like to reply to:


A contractual period of 24 months is stipulated in the rental agreement and can afterwards be terminated by giving six-month notice to the end of each calendar month.
Our calculation aims at an entirely secured working and operation method. An advance payment of 15.000 € is required which we can secure by an appropriate performance bond of a German bank, if requested by you. We will use 10.000 € of this advance payment to compensate the costs accruing at the beginning of the rental period, i.e. you will first stay in your apartment “free of charge”.  5.000 € of your advance payment will be permanently withheld as security deposit and returned to you, if the rental agreement is duly terminated. You can of course take other decisions (including testation) how your money can be handled and to whom it is available.


Thailand does not only impress with a beautiful nature, but also with mainly high temperatures. For Europeans it is sometimes even very hot there. If you tolerate or even are fond of this climate, you will appreciate the benefits of it within very short.

There is no winter in Thailand. During the European winter months the temperature in Thailand ranges between 20 – 27 °C. Instead of cold and damp weather these months are dry with only very few rain. We have often been told that persons who have suffered from rheumatism and arthrosis have got rid of their pain in Thailand. Living in Thailand, you will find inner peace and calm down within short, after you have failed to live an easy-going life for many years. The varied and healthy food contributes to this great feeling of well-being and provides you with vital energy. In Thailand you will eat whenever you are hungry; forget the fixed times for lunch and supper at 0:30 pm respectively at 6:00 pm.

Exotic ripe fruit at favourable prices replace vitamin products and dietary supplements. If you are a fan of traditional Thai massage treatments, you will be happy to learn that they are offered at low prices without prescription; in our residential complex you may enjoy a Thai massage treatment free of charge once a week.

Despite the a.m. health aspects everybody may fall ill – also in Thailand. We have already taken precautionary measures. One of the practitioners is living only a stone’s throw away and will be with you within very short, if required. If you suffer from a less acute health problem, you can go to see the practitioner during his weekly and free-of-charge consultation hour in our residential complex. As only our residents are allowed to go there, you won’t have to put up with a long wait. You need not pay anything for usual medicaments. Medicaments which have to be purchased from Europe and medicaments for chronically sick residents, however, are not free of charge.



Who is your contractual partner?
We – i.e. my Thai wife and my humble self – have established the company „Retiring in Thailand Ltd.“ in Thailand with its registered office in Nakon Ratchasima. We hold the majority of shares in this company.
The apartments and premises are privately owned by Thais and rented to the user on long-term basis.
All agreements – including the agreement to be made with you – are subject to Thai law. Place of jurisdiction is Nakon Ratchasima, Thailand.
All contracts and agreements are, however, issued in German or English language. The contracts are easy to understand, transparent and in „partnership style“. We neither are lawyers nor do we intend to consult one. Agreements must not only be issued in writing, but also be fair and binding for both parties so that they will be valid for a long time.

If you are interested in our contract wording, you may ask for it by contacting us via our contact form.


Do you want to get an idea of our residential complex on the spot? No problem! We propose the following arrangement to you:

  • Pick-up and shuttle service from/to airport Bangkok
  • 5 overnight stays in the 4-star hotel Sani Thani (centre of Korat), http://www.simathani.com/en/home
  • Full-board on 5 days
  • 2 traditional Thai massage treatments
  • Personal support and transport service 8 hours/day
  • Visit to House-Solution, its houses and apartments
  • Introduction to the team
  • Shopping in Korat
  • Visit of the two XXL-super shopping centres
  • Visit of tourist attractions in and near Korat


A lump sum price of 600 € will be charge for this all-inclusive package which is due for payment at hotel check-in. We need a handling time of 1 week for the organization. This package does not include the flight costs from and to Germany. Thai-Airways offer direct flights from Munich and Frankfort to Bangkok every day. Several further large airlines feature daily flights with 1 stopover.


Eight attractive new apartments are actually available for first-time occupancy. Each of the apartments features a fully equipped kitchenette, a separate outside entrance, a terrace and a small garden at your disposal. The bathroom including shower is elegantly tiled with natural stone. As it is typical of Thailand, there is no bathtub, but a large shower area. Each apartment is completely illuminated and air-conditioned, i.e. the bedroom and the living area are equipped with a sufficiently designed air conditioning system of the latest state-of-the-art technology. The first apartments will be ready for occupancy in early December 2017. In case of an early agreement, you may play a determining part in the selection of colours and material.


Our residential complex is located on the western outskirts of Nakon Ratchasima or Korat which is the shortened name of this city.

Korat is a growing and ambitious metropolis with the second largest population in Thailand which you find at a distance of approximately 260 km away northeast of Bangkok. The description of Korat as “Gateway to Isan“ implements the transition to the economically weaker eastern provinces and a slightly different culture. Although Korat is locates in the central part of Thailand, this city is characterized by its open and more European mind than assumed in general. Numerous shopping facilities and announced business settlements (even Ikea will open a subsidiary there) indicate particular trends. Two gigantic, most modern shopping malls make you forget being in the heart of Asia.  Our residential complex belongs to House Solutions and comprises about 350 houses and apartments. No doubt that this new housing estate easily meets the western/European requirements of cleanliness, modern comfort and high standard, which cannot be taken for granted in Thailand.
Be assured that you will feel safe. Well-off Thais and foreigners of all nationalities who are either working in Thailand or spending their retirement are living in Korat. We, too, have settled there and feel entirely safe. The crime rates have proven to be lower than in many German cities. Nevertheless the area of our residential complex is fenced; a security team is continuously in attendance and checks every person who wants to pass in a car.


Nobody is fond of talking about this topic, but some day the time will have come and other persons will have to take decisions on your behalf. I know from my previous professional activities that this topic is preferably ignored.
Well, you should be advised that we are well prepared for such situations so an acceptable solution will be found for you.
On request, we will be pleased to give you helpful advice regarding the following topics:
•    Patient’s provisions
•    Organ donations
•    Wishes for burial
•    Further decisions and proxies
If you have not yet made any such arrangements, your relatives in Germany will take decisions on your behalf some day later what will to be done. And what will happen, if there are no relatives who can care for it?
What will happen, if you are a nursing case as consequence of an accident or a severe illness or if you suffer from age-related dementia some day?
What would happen in Germany? Be sure that we do not want to worry you, but what would you expect in such a case?
It is not a must for you to return to the nursing crisis in Germany as you can rely on our help and assistance also in such a case.
The Thais are well experienced in dealing with and caring for older persons as the daughters/grand-daughters usually care for their parents/grand-parents according to Thai tradition. The female Thais have much empathy for older persons, are able to motivate them to be active and give them a helping hand in the everyday life. Thanks to the Thais‘ respectful and cordial behaviour towards older persons their well-being and self-esteem is enhanced.
The Thai society treats older and frail persons most respectfully and gives them a warm welcome and care. The care of older persons is considered a reasonable and job which is highly appreciated by the Thai population. Consequently the Thais are very motivated to care for older persons. It is typical of Thais to not avoid body contact and affectionately deal with older persons who are unable to look after themselves.


Thailand isn’t an immigration country. Hard to believe, but not everybody may stay in Thailand as long as he/she wants. For this reason extensive visa regulations are to be adhered to.

These regulations have, however, been significantly simplified for pensioners respectively for persons older than 50 years.

As the so-called „Non-Immigrant-Visa Long Stay“ can be extended in Thailand every year, you need not leave Thailand for the purpose of visa extension.

  • Visa issue: only in the Immigration Office Thailand
  • Pre-condition: Entry with non-immigrant visa
  • Duration of stay: 1 year
  • Extension: yearly
  • Fees: approx. 50 €


The further requirements vary depending on the circumstances:

  • For foreigners at the age of min. 50 years (e.g. pensioners):
    Bank deposit in Thailand of min. 800 000 Baht (equivalent to approx. 20.000 €)

This deposit must have been on the bank account for min. 3 months at the             time of applying the visa extension.

It must be available at any time; i.e. it must not be tied up.


Monthly income of min. 65 000 Baht (equivalent to approx. 1.700 €/month).

A lower retirement pension can be compensated by an appropriate bank    deposit.

  • Low min. amounts are valid for foreigners who are married with a Thai.

Foreigners are obliged to show up at the Immigration Office every 90 days, which, however, only takes a few minutes and does not require any formalities.



Although we are not a traditional residential care home for the elderly, we are prepared to giving daily support to our residents temporarily or permanently.

What is the role of older persons resp. persons who are in need of care in Thailand?  …… Click on “Who will take decisions…. “ to find more information/link.

To ensure the 24/7 care of a resident, we would be able to allocate a max. of 3 personal nurses to him/her. As a consequence the monthly costs would increase and require an individual agreement. In case of individual support b 1 nurse, the additional costs will amount to approx. 400 € /month.

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