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Thailand does not only impress with a beautiful nature, but also with mainly high temperatures. For Europeans it is sometimes even very hot there. If you tolerate or even are fond of this climate, you will appreciate the benefits of it within very short.
There is no winter in Thailand. During the European winter months the temperature in Thailand ranges between 20 – 27 °C. Instead of cold and damp weather these months are dry with only very few rain. We have often been told that persons who have suffered from rheumatism and arthrosis have got rid of their pain in Thailand.
Living in Thailand, you will find inner peace and calm down within short, after you have failed to live an easy-going life for many years. The varied and healthy food contributes to this great feeling of well-being and provides you with vital energy. In Thailand you will eat whenever you are hungry; forget the fixed times for lunch and supper at 0:30 pm respectively at 6:00 pm.
Exotic ripe fruit at favourable prices replace vitamin products and dietary supplements. If you are a fan of traditional Thai massage treatments, you will be happy to learn that they are offered at low prices without prescription; in our residential complex you may enjoy a Thai massage treatment free of charge once a week.
Despite the a.m. health aspects everybody may fall ill – also in Thailand. We have already taken precautionary measures. One of the practitioners is living only a stone’s throw away and will be with you within very short, if required. If you suffer from a less acute health problem, you can go to see the practitioner during his weekly and free-of-charge consultation hour in our residential complex. As only our residents are allowed to go there, you won’t have to put up with a long wait. You need not pay anything for usual medicaments. Medicaments which have to be purchased from Europe and medicaments for chronically sick residents, however, are not free of charge.