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Our Target – Our Project – Retirement in Thailand

How To Spend Your Well-Earned Retirement in Thailand

We have made it our business to enable German and other European pensioners as well as early-retired persons to spend a comfortable and affordable retirement in Thailand. Advertising Thailand is no longer necessary. If you have travelled to this country, you have become acquainted with its magnificent nature and its very friendly natives. Moreover, the living expenses are lower than in many other countries throughout the world, which is highly appreciated by Americans, Australians and – by the time – Europeans. As consequence of the increasing old-age poverty more and more pensioners are not able to afford their well-deserved retirement. This is totally different in Thailand, where, however, connections and excellent relations are required …. and that’s the point where we are coming in.



Where You Could Spend Your Retirement

Retirement in Thailand

Our residential complex is located on the western outskirts of Nakon Ratchasima or Korat which is the shortened name of this city. Korat is a growing and ambitious metropolis with the second largest population in Thailand which you find at a distance of approximately 260 km away northeast of Bangkok. The description of Korat as “Gateway to Isan“ implements the transition to the economically weaker eastern provinces and a slightly different culture. Although Korat is located in the central part of Thailand, this city is characterized by its open and more European mind than assumed in general. Numerous shopping facilities and announced business settlements (even Ikea will open a subsidiary there) indicate particular trends. Two gigantic, most modern shopping malls make you forget being in the heart of Asia.  Our residential complex belongs to House Solutions and comprises about 350 houses and apartments. No doubt that this new housing estate easily meets the western/European requirements of cleanliness, modern comfort and high standard, which cannot be taken for granted in Thailand.
Be assured that you will feel safe. Well-off Thais and foreigners of all nationalities who are either working in Thailand or spending their retirement are living in Korat. We, too, have settled there and feel entirely safe. The crime rates have proven to be lower than in many German cities. Nevertheless the area of our residential complex is fenced; a security team is continuously in attendance and checks every person who wants to pass in a car.

Impressions from Thailand - Korat and Nakon Ratchasima

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